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Music is and was a huge part of my life, but I have never blogged about it on here.

Anyway, I wrote this song 10 years ago with help from two of my best friends Ted and Will Fisk. I’ve known Will from the age of 7 and Ted from the age of 3 We were also in a band called Gravel with another good friend, Will Savage.

Gravel were awesome considering we were between 14 and 18 years old and we hit the heights of Radio 1, NME, Melody Maker and released tracks on 3 small lables. Steve Lamacq came to see us and I had a drink with him at the Stag on Great Portland Street last year and he did remember us. John Peel R.I.P also played us on his show. What a legend John was and I will never forget the exposure he gave to up and coming bands like ours.

Without the internet gravel are almost forgotten. With respect to the people that helped and supported us throughout those 4 years, I think that Gravel should put all of our tracks on-line and perhaps even release them officially. That’s another sorry. Maybe we might even perform again. It would be awesome. I’d like to see Gravel on spotify.

Anyway, back to my original thread, the working project was called ‘Come For Me Gmork.  We penned around 8 songs, recorded 3 and here’s one of them.  It’s called Diagonal. I am on Vocals and Guitar, Ted on bass and Will and Drums..

Here it is:


I do miss performing….

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